Elijah’s Closet (EC) began in 2015 by providing free tangible items, such as clothing and car seats,  to foster families for their new placements. In 2017, a group of like-minded individuals came together and formed EC’s Board of Members.  The organization began growing at a rapid pace and became a 501(c)(3) in February of 2018.  EC began its operations out of a single storage unit and worked its way up to three units before moving into a rented building located in North Gulfport.  Community sponsors assist in covering the organization's monthly overhead costs.

In addition to assisting foster families, the organization has expanded its services to aid the Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services (MDCPS) with reunification and prevention cases and recently began partnering with the local school districts to assist students in need.  It’s amazing what can happen when people who share the same passion and common goals join forces.  There is a great need on the MS Gulf Coast for the services that EC offers. 


The more our community becomes involved —> the more EC will grow —> the more children EC can help.  When people come together to take on big issues, change WILL happen.

Many people inquire about the story behind the name Elijah.  In 2009, one of our founders gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Elijah who passed away from Partial Trisomy 22q.  Naming “The Closet” after him is our way of honoring the time he was with us and it represents the desire to make a positive difference in this world.  Elijah’s time on Earth may not have been long, but it was impactful.